The Navio style has been inspired by Lorenzo Marino, one of the great merchant tailors of Genoa, who, according to legend, started out in 1883 selling ties to the port's local residents.

In the run up to the Great War, Lorenzo secured a contract to make ties for the Italian Navy.  During the war, he devised the idea for naval spies in the field to wear the nautical flags of their initials on their ties so that embedded friendly agents could recognize each other.  

Unfortunately his code was eventually broken and the spies duly executed, but the Marino style lives on, hanging around the necks of distinguished merchants from around the world.*

Today every step of the manufacturing process is done entirely by hand. Expert tie makers will craft each tie by hand in the UK before our embroiderers in London hand stitch every thread. 

At Navio we strive for individuality, in whatever shape or form or direction that may take. Each of us is unique and some of us want our clothing to represent that in a subtle, understated, and elegant way. Navio is for those people.


*Please note, certain historical liberties may have been taken in the above.