Navio celebrates the ideas of exploration, trade, and sport on the water. For thousands of years people have sailed around the world on ships, channeling their entrepreneurial spirits and in their wake creating a world of adventure, commerce and travel.

Navio hopes to evoke these ideas by producing high quality, handmade, bespoke goods that would have been worthy enough to travel the trading routes of the world centuries ago. Our first product was a tie monogrammed with the nautical symbol flags that represent the letters of the alphabet. This sartorial style exists solely in the ancient port city of Genoa and it is our mission to bring this unique aesthetic to the rest of the world through our products.

Flying on ships for hundreds of years, symbol flags are a subtle, but very necessary addition to the overall appearance of a ship. Our products will only be monogrammed in a way that conveys a casual, understated elegance that mirrors the sublime grace of vessels both large and small.

At the moment we specialize in crafting bespoke ties and tote bags.  We will slowly expand into other areas of clothing and accessories as we come across unique products from around the world that inspire us. Our ties and bags are both made by hand and all of our products are hand embroidered by local artisans in London.  

We hope you like them!